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    How to generate *.pcb file for BSXE




      I just ran pcb_gen for Board Architect and need to export my pcb design to the BSXE design flow. BSXE is looking for a *.pcb file, but I did not see one generated by Board Architect. I didn't get an errors when I ran pcb_gen, so did I miss an option within Board Architect to generate this file?




      Shalom [Newbie]

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          you need to define that the project will be a BSXE project.

          You can do it by running XE Setup Wizard tool in DMGR.


          At that point, when Board Architect is run, upon Save PCB ALL,  it will create support data to open Board Station XE.

          By the way when you select the PCB folder in dmgr navigator with Right mouse you can start either classic Layout or BSXE.

          The system won't let you start BSXE if the design is not an XE project, and viceversa it won't let you start classic layout if it is a BSXE project.




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            Thanks Marco. I went back and imported the project to a BSXE project and ran an LMS update in Board Architect. Now, when I try to Save PCB>All I get a failure pointing to missing geometries in my design. It's regarding vias and pads. I thought these geometries would be inserted as part of the component geometries.


            Also, I know that the CES application is to be used at some point...Is there any guide on the design flow for these programs or a good tutorial that I could watch showing the flow of these programs? So far, I've just seen tutorials regarding BSXE and CES, but not any regarding getting the design ready in Board Architect so that I can manipulate it in those two programs.