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Design Capture / View transition to Dx Designer

Question asked by Jerry_Suiter on Oct 5, 2008
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I would like to understand the thoughts on moving from Design Capture/View to Dx Designer.  With the 2007.X releases of Dx Designer, many of the issues stopping customers from moving to Dx Designer have been resolved.  Here is a quick list of improvements I can think of, however I know there are a lot more:


  • Tight Integration between DxD and ExpPCB which no longer requires a compile process.

  • Concurrent design entry at the sheet and block levels.

  • Concurrent constraint entry within CES.

  • Concurrent Schematic Entry and ExpPCB Back Annotation changes.

  • Enhanced Reuse capabilities

  • Ease of use enhancements.


   Based on the 2007.X release, what are some of the issues that are stopping customer's from transitioning to Dx Designer from the Design Capture/View products?






Jerry Suiter

Product Marketing Manager Expedition / Xtreme PCB