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    Valor  - VPL Backup




             This is to understand the common reliable method to take the Valor - VPL Back up from the server , which option is more reliable to take the VPL back up in the safer side ?  Is there any method to take the selected VPL component's Back up  to the external Hardware ?  or Is there any requirement to take the full VPL and its associated  database back up from the server  ?



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          Just use oracle backup  utility to back. It's a simple exp/imp operation, you can export the dbf file and save  it anyware. I

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            In the VLM there is a tab on in the Configuraiton screen to automatically schedule a regular backups of the VPL database.  This backup uses the database's own backup utilities.  The terminiology used in the VLM version you have will be Export instead of Backup.  In VPL version 4.2, pending release, we have changed the wordign to backup in order to minimize confusion.


            If you still cannot determine how to perform a regularily scheduled backup of the VPL database, I suggest that you open a support request and a customer service engineer will be more than happy to assist.



            Max Clark