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    Changes to Informal Reuse Blocks?


      Does anyone have any recommedations on how to make changes to a group of Informal Reuse Blocks in Expedition?

      We are exploring using Informal or Formal Reuse blocks for a large design. We would like to avoid the issues of maintaining a reuse block in the Central Library but would like to easily update informal reuse blocks in the layout.

      Right now we have eight upper level informal reuse symbols on a DX schematic (a memory circuit). It is very easy to place and route one circuit and use Circuit Move & Copy to place the remaining seven circuits. But what about changes to those circuits? Is there a way to make changes to the first circuit and have the remaining seven circuits update or must the seven remaining circuits be deleted and re-place with Circuit Move and Copy? Does anyone have a process or tricks to accomplist this?





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          The ability to update circuit copies based on a change to one is only automated with the Formal Reuse solution.  With Informal reuse when a change is made, you will have to delete and replace each circuit in order to manually synchronize the content.  With Formal Reuse you can simply update the single circuit in the library and all copies will automatically be updated when your run Forward Annotation or use Library Services to pull the updated reuse circuit into your design.