Changes to Informal Reuse Blocks?

Discussion created by mark.kirchner on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by Jerry_Suiter

Does anyone have any recommedations on how to make changes to a group of Informal Reuse Blocks in Expedition?

We are exploring using Informal or Formal Reuse blocks for a large design. We would like to avoid the issues of maintaining a reuse block in the Central Library but would like to easily update informal reuse blocks in the layout.

Right now we have eight upper level informal reuse symbols on a DX schematic (a memory circuit). It is very easy to place and route one circuit and use Circuit Move & Copy to place the remaining seven circuits. But what about changes to those circuits? Is there a way to make changes to the first circuit and have the remaining seven circuits update or must the seven remaining circuits be deleted and re-place with Circuit Move and Copy? Does anyone have a process or tricks to accomplist this?