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    Reuse blocks migration


      Hi there,

      I'm at a customer site helping them to plan their DC2DX migration. They are using reuse blocks in their DC-ExpPCB flow. What do we need to think about when migrating the library and the designs containing reuse blocks? There seems to be very little documentation in this area. A test migration of the DC library did not migrate the reuse block (i.e. the schematic is still DC when clicking the design entry button in ExpPCB, the PCB being opened from the LP reuse secction of the central library)



      Bengt Jarl

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          Reuse Blocks are not translated as the reuse methodology is somewhat different between the DC-Exp and the EE flow.

          Logical-only reuse blocks for example do not exist in DC-Exp. Constraints are not preserved.

          This is why you need to extract each block, translate the design and check them back in as reuse block in the EE central library or DMS.


          More information should be available in the migration planning guide on SupportNet.