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VB Script Capitalize

Question asked by qahmadi on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2013 by nick_hong

I am  using VB script to create costume menu on DxDesigner to capitalize all  properties and lables, values etc of a component such as capacitor or  resistor on the design display to capital letters from small letters.

I'm not sure how i go about doing this. I understand the use of UCase(), however not sure how to apply this to Designer files.

For example:

I have a vbs file which create and generate menu and sub menu options as such:


Path = "This is the directory folder where all vbs files are located"

Version:0.9 StartHTML:00000107 EndHTML:00000980 EndFragment:00000940 EndFragment:00000000

Set sMenu = CommandBars("Sheet Menu Bar").Controls.Add(cmdControlPopup,,,8)
sMenu.Caption = "&MainMenuTab"
'Add buttons to this menu




Set sButton = sMenu.Controls.Add
sButton.Caption = "CAPS ALL"
sButton.OnAction = "run " + PATH + "CapsAll.vbs"



So basically CapsAll.vbs is the file i need to generate in order to capitalize everything.

Thank you very kindly for any help