sqlite3 not working in nucleus RTOS

Discussion created by pavani.meduri on Nov 12, 2013
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The following issues are seen when trying to use sqlite3 in nucleus RTOS:


sqlite3_open() was successful in opening a database. Later when trying to create a table using sqlite3_exec() an exception error occurs.

Code snippet of sqlite3_exec function call in my code:

            // Execute the query for creating the table

            retval = sqlite3_exec(


                       "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS AudioRecords \

                       (TrackId int, Duration int(2), ReleaseYear int, TrackNo char, PlayCount short, MetadataSize int, ID3V1 char, \

                       FileName varchar(255), SongTitle varchar(90), AlbumTitle varchar(90), ArtistName varchar(90), MusicGenre varchar(90))",




The above same code works fine in linux.

On debugging i found that after sqlite3Prepare(), there was a call to generateColumnNames() and from there the sequence of function calls are like this:


In sqlite3DbMallocSize() the following line gives exception error:

if( db && isLookaside(db, p) )

The reason for exception is in function isLookaside 'p' pointer is accessed which is NULL in this case. 'p' parameter passed is pMem->zMalloc which is NULL. There are other members in pMem like db that are proper.

Later i tried to add a check in sqlite3DbMallocSize() to check if 'p' is not NULL as provided below:

if(NULL != p)


if( db && isLookaside(db, p) )



If 'p' is NULL then this function simply returns. After this in sqlite3VdbeMemGrow() again memory is allocated to pMem->zMalloc as the following code is executed:


      sqlite3DbFree(pMem->db, pMem->zMalloc);

      pMem->zMalloc = sqlite3DbMallocRaw(pMem->db, n);



After that code change sqlite3_exec() executed fine till exec_out:

After this sqlite3VdbeFinalize() again an exception occured.

Not sure if this is due to the fix made or some other issue.

Later i tried changing the sqlite3_exec() call to sqlite3_prepare_v2(), sqlite_step(), sqlite3_finalize(), as i observed that sqlite3_exec is a legacy function though internally sqlite3_exec() calls sqlite3_prepare_v2(), sqlite_step() and sqlite3_finalize().

With this code also sqlite3_step() gave an exception error. With the above fix in code, observed that exception occurs in sqlite3_finalize() function.

Please help in resolving the above issues to proceed further.