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Create a decal with thermal via on PAD

Question asked by kaizukam on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by jduquette

Please tell me if this method is right way to create a decal with thermal via on PAD.

My board has 6-MOSFET with similar package with SiR466DP, which is a kind of Power SOP8.

I created decal out of ordinary sop8 adding bottom pad and 12 thermal via.

This decal has 20 pins in stead of 8.  See decal.PNG below.


Then create a parts of this by asigning such way that all via has pin number 8 as below.


Now [Check Parts] generate no error and this parts placed on the board without error.

Of course, layout completed and Gerber has been generated.


Now I am wondering if this method is the right way to generate a decal with thermal via on PAD.

Especially, what does it means to assign duplicated name in Parts Information for parts xxxxxxx.