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    DxD menu object too late when DxD launched from Expedtion


      I am calling a script on DxD start up that adds a custom item to the tools menu.  All is fine if DxD is started from the PRJ.  If it is launched from Expedition I get an error beacuse the command bar doesnt exsist yet. I am unsure the best way to fix the problem. 

      here is what I have.


        On Error Resume next 

         Set oCmdBarMenuItem = CommandBars("Sheet Menu Bar").Controls.Item("&Tools")

      If Err.Number <>0 Then




          Set oButton = oCmdBarMenuItem.Controls.Add(cmdControlButton,,, 1)

          oButton.Caption = "DxD_BomGen" 


          oButton.OnAction = "RUN BomGen_DxD.vbs"

      End if



      Function msgerror ()



      End function