Reverse clear field and gdsout generation using calibredrv

Discussion created by luciano.artuso on Nov 20, 2013
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I created this little tcl script to be used with calibredrv, to reverse a clear field into a particolar layer:


set input [lindex $argv 0]

set LO [layout create $input -dt_expand -preservePaths -preserveTextAttributes]

puts $LO

puts [$LO topcell]

set topcell [$LO topcell]

set bboxlo [$LO bbox $topcell]

puts [$LO bbox $topcell]

set precision [expr int (1/([$LO units]))]

$LO units microns $precision

$LO gdsout temp1.gds

set LOx [layout create temp1.gds -dt_expand -preservePaths -preserveTextAttributes]

puts "creation of the flatten topcell"

$LOx flatten cell MB14A_TOP_1

puts "creation of the file temp2.gds"

$LOx units microns $precision

$LOx gdsout temp2.gds MB14A_TOP_1

puts [$LOx topcell]

set topcellx [$LOx topcell]

puts [$LOx bbox $topcellx]

exec rm temp1.gds

set L6 [layout create temp2.gds -dt_expand -preservePaths -preserveTextAttributes]

set topcell6 [$L6 topcell]

$L6 create layer 200

$L6 create polygon $topcell6 200 [lindex $bboxlo 0] [lindex $bboxlo 1] [lindex $bboxlo 2] [lindex $bboxlo 3]

$L6 NOT 200 6 204

$L6 delete layer 6

$L6 COPY 204 6

$L6 delete layer 204

$L6 delete layer 200

puts "creation of the file temporary6.gds"

$L6 units microns $precision

$L6 gdsout temporary6.gds $topcell6 -map 6

puts [$L6 topcell]

set topcelly6 [$L6 topcell]

puts [$L6 bbox $topcelly6]

set Lone6 [layout create temporary6.gds -dt_expand -preservePaths -preserveTextAttributes]

set Lnew6 [layout create -dt_expand -preservePaths -preserveTextAttributes]

$Lnew6 create cell TOP_CELL_6

$Lnew6 create cell MB14A_TOP_1_6 $Lone6 [$Lone6 topcell]

$Lnew6 create ref TOP_CELL_6 MB14A_TOP_1_6 0 0 0 0 1

$Lnew6 expand ref TOP_CELL_6 MB14A_TOP_1_6 0 0 0 0 1

$Lnew6 units microns $precision

$Lnew6 gdsout LAY6_$input TOP_CELL_6


My problem is that into the layout there are:

Layer 6 and datatype 0

Layer 6 and datatype 58


Is it possible to reverse the field on layer 6, extracting also both datatype?

Many thanks in advance for your help.