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helpe !! how to define Trace widths from one Net

Question asked by christopher.branch on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2013 by yu.yanfeng


I ‘am new to Expedition and I would like to define the Trace Width from one pad To another, or for one Net.

I managed to set-up a From Tos constraint which allows me to set a Trace Width for one Net, but in this constraint I am not able to define the trace Width for all Layers.

Strangely if I assign the top or bottom 1 Signal Layer, I am able to rout on this layer but it won’t allow me to place  Via`s.

if I assign one of the internal Layers in the constraint I am able to place pad and rout the net with the Constraint override rules.



So dos anyone know if it is possible to define a rule or constraint which define the Trace width of one Net on all Layers