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    X,Y coordinates of a Cell in GDS




      I have a GDS II open in Calibre DesignRev.  Now I want to get the x,y coordinates of a particular cell in a die. Also, Is it possible to get x,y coordinates of all the cells or particular type (like AND gates) or to Highlight / Select all the cells of a particular type in complete layout.



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          Not too sure about this. Using layout peek -cells only gives the cell names, not the x y locations. Could try posting this question in the Tips and Tricks thread, since that talks about layout peek.












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            In general, digital cells may have a P&R boundary layer, you can use this to locate

            these cells in a DRC run, for example with this rule:


            ans2pdv {
            INSIDE CELL PRBOUNDARY ans2pdv



            Viewing the results in DRV (show cluster) will show the spots these cells are applied.


            regards, Jacob

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              It is definitely possible to do that in DESIGNrev, but it's not clear what it is that you are trying to do with those coordinates. Here's a couple of options.

              Option I

              If you're simply trying to find out where they are, I'd recommend using the built-in RVE functionality in DESIGNrev "Scan Instance with RVE".
              In the DESIGNrev Menu
              Tools -> Scan with RVE -> Scan Instances with RVE
              This will search the database and find all the cells with the name you specify and load the bounding boxes in RVE as results. You can use RVE to highlight them, highlight them all and save them out to GDS, or pretty much anything else. In the image below, I've highlighted the bounding boxes for each instance of a cell inv_x1.

              Option II

              If instead, you really want the coordinates to do something else with them, you could write a bit of DESIGNrev Tcl to iterate through the hierarchy to find the cells that match and output those coordinates. However, that may not really give you what you want since the coordinates are relative to the cell the instance is placed in, not in the top level coordinate space. You'd have to then figure out the transform which is not trivial. So I'd do something simpler.

              Option III

              Do Option I above and then scan that write some simple DESIGNrev Tcl to find the coordinates of the highlight objects on the RVE highlight layer. This is probably the easiest.

              Option IV

              Generate results with SVRF and the DRC engine as Jacob suggested. I just tried this one and it worked for me.
              output_cell { EXTENT CELL "invx1" } 


              Hope these helped.



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                What I want is the number of particular types of cells in particular die area. Information Like Upper left corner of die contains 32 AND gates, 12 OR Gates etc. I want to right a script in which I specifiy a die area and than ask for the count of particular cell or type of cells in that die area. So I guess I have to go with Option I here, i.e. Scan instances with RVE.


                Now, when I scan instances with RVE, it allows me to scan instance of only one cell at a time. i.e. First I scan for AND gates and RVE shows the results and highlights all the AND gates in layout. Than, I scan for OR gates, but when I do that, it removes the AND gates and highlights OR gates. Another way to put it is: In your screen shot, you have only one check "invx1" with 368 results in your cell DIGBLK_drc. Is it possible to have multiple checks for different cells at the same time. Also, you can highlight cells in parituclar die are through RVE. It basically asks you to draw a rectangle on layout and it gives you the count of cells in that rectangle. Is it possilbe to give it exat area boundry in X,Y corrdinates. (Instead of drawing the rectangle with mouse)


                Secondly, I want to be able to do all of this in TCL (or some other script) even if its for single cell. Calibre manuals tell you the Mentor graphics TCL extensions to do all sorts of things in design rev. i.e. you have following TCL objects,


                cwbWorkBench Object — the main layout editor widget

                cwbLayoutView Object — the view widget for the layout

                Layout Object — the Tcl object containing the layout data


                Now all of these work on layouts. Once I start RVE and scan my cell instances with RVE, the manuals only tell you to do it in GUI. All I have is the command to run RVE from shell. From there on, I have to switch to GUI. Can you give me an idea on how to right a script to "scan cell instances in RVE".



                M. Ali Akhtar

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                  I am rather new to Calibre Design Rev. I need to get this information ASAP. Can you please elaborate on how do you accomplish this by DRC.












                  ans2pdv {

                  INSIDE CELL PRBOUNDARY ans2pdv









                  Does this statement mean, Look for the instances of cell "ans2pdv" with PR Boundry layer? if yes, this will show the results in GDS II. How can I get the same results in TCL Script?.

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                    Can you elaborate on Option 4.



                    I am new to calibre and I have the SVRF manual but its 1500 page document and seems like it will take me a lot of time to do what your have suggested in Option IV.  Can you further explain Option 4









                    M. Ali Akhtar



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                      I realize this is a dead thread, but for others who are searching and find this thread I found a solution using the Tcl interface:


                      $L iterator (ref|sref|aref)




                      set L [ layout create $inputFile ]

                      set topCell [ $L topcell ]

                      set cellName "CellToFind"

                      set cellDetails [ $L iterator ref $topCell range 0 end -depth 0 20 -filterCell $cellName ]


                      This will provide a list (as described in the DesignRev reference manual) of cell locations and attributes. The locations are relative to the top cell.

                      {{CellToFind 264650 397855 0 0 1} /TopCellName {250715 397445 2068055 3338900}}

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                        Thanks for taking the time to do that James. The more people do that the better for all.

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                          Dear James,

                          Thanks for the TCL script its more helpful , can you able to suggest me in the O/P stage , i.e. when we look in to the location of cells the coordinates are in db like " CellToFind 264650 397855 0 0 1"  how can we get the cordinates in u[Micron] divide by 1000 will give the cordinates in u[Micron] but for few cells its fine when we go with large count of device . kindly guide me on this regs