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    Solid Tube Wire Threading Analysis & Reports


      I find "Solid Tube Wire Threading Analysis & Reports" in "VeSys  Electrical Series User Manual.pdf",but I can't find this function in the diaglog box of VeSys Harness Reports - Version 2008.2a.Can anyone exlain this function?

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          This report is not available in the most recent version of VeSys Classic - this appears to be an error in the Help documentation for VeSys 2008.2 (also known as VeSys Classic).


          By the way, VeSys Classic has been superseded by VeSys 2.0 which does allow you to create a wide variety of custom reports to support both the wiring schematic and harnesss design.


          VeSys 2.0 is supported in accordance with Mentor’s Release Support Policy.  Three releases are supported: currently 2011.1, 2012.1 and 2013.1.  Note also that VeSys 2.0 has no AutoCAD dependency, and is compatible with modern environments such as Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.


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