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Converting Non-Common Schematic Properties to Common Properties

Question asked by douglas.feck on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2013 by robert_davies

I have a schematic that was originally designed in DA then was translated to EE2007.7. We upgraded to EE7.9.5 update 6 and when I try to export a BOM I show missing property values. After some reading I found the problem to be properties that are non-common. Under EE7.9.5 the BOM requires the properties to be exported on a BOM to be common properties. I downloaded the script to convert non-common to common and it only appears to convert some of the properties to common. I've run the program multiple times and still I only get some values being converted. I verified the properties are defined in the property definition file. I've used this many times on smaller schematics and it seems to work on some and not on all. This design is 32 sheets and is struggling to convert. Any suggestions?