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    Does get fabrication layer texts for generated silkscreen work for anyone else?


      MGCPCB.FabricationLayerTexts silkTxts = ExpDoc.get_FabricationLayerTexts(MGCPCB.EPcbFabricationType.epcbFabGeneratedSilkscreen, MGCPCB.EPcbSelectionType.epcbSelectAll, MGCPCB.EPcbSide.epcbSideTopOrBottom, true);


      The above command returns zero items, I know I have generated silkscreen in the project.  If I target

      MGCPCB.EPcbFabricationType.epcbFabSilkscreen I get a lot of items just not what I really want.  Anyone else experience the same issue?



      Or better yet, anyone know a good way to find your silkscreen texts that have been clipped?