Plane Scallops/Peninsulas Removal

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I would like to ask the community about plane scallops/peninsulas in order to get opinions on if they are needed, should be removed by default, and how these should behave when plane connections are needed.



In the graphic below, figure 1, I have two situations; the bottom situation is the normal planes generation where the user will see these scallops/peninsulas generated between the pins. The top situation is where these scallops/peninsulas have been removed.


Figure 1



  • Based on this example, which methodology is preferred and why?

  • Is there any reason a user would want to keep the scallops/peninsulas between the pins of is it more common these should be removed?

  • Based on the thermal tie to the plane on the top right, should the scallops/peninsulas be kept in order to get an optimal number of thermal ties?




In figure 2, this is the same example but a case where the pins are not offset as in Figure 1 and the hatch width causes the scallops/peninsulas as seen in figure 3. In this case the scallops/peninsulas are removed since they do not fully go between the pins.


Figure 2






Figure 3



Specific to thermal ties, I feel the scallops/peninsulas should be left and not removed in order to have a higher number of thermal ties generated.



  • Does the community agree that scallops should be left in order to complete tie connections as seen in Figure 1 and 2?

  • What about if the user defines only two ties, maybe scallops could be removed as seen in Figure 4?




Figure 4


  • What are some general opinions on scallops/peninsulas?

  • Is this a corner case or a typical problem seen by many users requiring a automated solution?

  • If this is a typical problem, how are users solving this problem today?


I would appricate any input from users on this subject so this problem can be clearly understood.






Jerry Suiter

Product Marketing Manager Expedition / Xtreme PCB