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    Multiple Harnesses


      I am working on Harnesses for a Bus,

      there is one main harness for all buses,

      there is three different engines and three different engine harnesses that can be attached to this main harness. but only one will be attached at a time.

      Right now I have all schematics in one project in one design.

      How should I configure the project setup so that I can draw all schematics for the three different engine harnesses, and show them connect to the same main harness.


           I am hoping to use crossrefences between schematics for the main harness...



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          This might be tricky, since any one connectors can only mate with one other connector... so describing a single main harness connected with 3 different variant engine harnesses would not be possible (unless they were drawn disconnected).  This is much easier to achieve using Capital because the main harness connectors could co-exist in different designs (Capital Logic uses shared objects to manage this type of concurrency), but since you are using VeSys 2.0 I think your best option would be to have each engine harness in a separate wiring design (you would need to manually manage the connectors between the variant engine design and the main schematic, but at least when you come to sync the engine harness you could do so from one of these additional new designs).