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verify design error

Question asked by ckukela on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by yan_killy

I have been recieving a rather odd error in pads regrading to componets. the error pads give suggest that there is some type of clearange or overlap issue but there is nothing near by and moving the two parts has not solved the problem. ive also checked the decals as they uses the same decals and that seems fine as well.


Pins CR4.1, CR5.1 are covered by  either board outline, trace(s), keepout(s), text(s), copper(s) or plane  area(s).


PADS Router will not route unroutes  connected to these pins.


To  correct the problem, use Move commands in PADS Layout or PADS Router.


the verify design tool lists it as a distance between pad and track too small. problem.


Any one have an clues or suggestion. Im no to pads and pcb design in general so anything at all would be a help