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    LVS extraction: extracting different net name as single net ?



      In my design I have a macro and it has 3 power pins and 3 ground pins on M7.  



      All these three power pins are named as



      VSSA_1 VSSA_2 VSSA_3



      VDDA_1 VDDA_2 VDDA_3






      Internal to macro all these power network are different, means they are all independent power network.






      But in top level a single net is shorting these nets.






      VDDA_TOP connected to pins VDDA_1 VDDA_2 VDDA_3



      VSSA_TOP connected to pins VSSA_1 VSSA_2 VSSA_3






      From toplevel the edtext is given on top level port. and the  macro has text labels on its pins



      During extraction the calibre reports the shorts. between VDDA_TOP VDDA_1 VDDA_2 VDDA_3



      and VSSA_TOP VSSA_1 VSSA_2 VSSA_3






      Since I know that the nets VDDA_TOP VDDA_1 VDDA_2 VDDA_3 are shorted.



      How to pass this information to the lvs extraction? ( attached is a example snap)