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    Add two wire one cavity?


      How can I adding two wires one cavity same connector?


      I add wires but terminal doesnt found.


      2 cavity terminal must be 26806-201-184

      3 cavity terminal must be 26807-201-184


      Their CSA different.

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          With VeSys 2.0, you need to confirm that each terminal has been configured (in the library, using VeSys 2.0 Components) to support multiple terminations (what combinations of wire are supported in a multi-termination scenario). If this has been done then the correct terminal will get selected when you use the action Select Cavity Components (or use the dialog Cavity Component Management).


          However, from your picture I see that the terminal column is not being shown on the table... can you confirm this has been made visible via styling.


          [Also, I will move this thread to the VeSys 2.0 community].


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