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DxDesigner "viewdraw.exe - Entry Point Not Found"

Question asked by ronak.shah1 on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by ronak.shah1

Hello All,


I have being using PADS9.5 and have all the valid license and all. Basically I am using DxDesigner, PADS and HyperLynx.


Everything was working fine until today. And I am sure license has not expired since we bought it recently.


My problem is I am not able to open DxDesigner. Whenever I try opening it giver an error "The procedure entry point RWUXThemeData could not be located in the dynamic link library RWUXThemeS90.dll"


I have no idea on what this is error is and why did it started poping. I need my DxDesigner working since I need to complete the schematics as deadline is nearing.


Please help, solve this issue. I have also attached the error message.