question on "virtual connect" in LVS

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Hi all,

I want to use the "virtual connect" feature in LVS.

Here's my simple test bench:

In schematics view, I have 2 PMOSs, whose gates are physically connected together and the net name is "g1".

In layout view, I also have 2 PMOSs, whose gates are connected to 2 separate poly's that are not physically connected but are given the same name "g1".

Then in the "Connect" tab of LVS Options, I choose "Connect nets named: g1"

I expect that, when I run LVS, all nets and instances should match.

However, it didn't pass LVS and the LVS report is like this:


                                 INCORRECT NETS


DISC#    LAYOUT NAME                                                    SOURCE NAME

   1        Net 1                                                                    g1




                 -----Devices on layout net 1 ---

            X0/M0(-9.152, -2.605) MP(pfet)                                 MPM1  MP(pfet)

                g: 1                                                                            g: g1

                s: X0/3                                                                        s: net1

                d: X0/4                                                                        d: net2

                b: X0/5                                                                        b: net3


                 -----Devices on layout net 2 ---

           X1/M0(-8.357,-2.641) MP(pfet)                                           g:g1

                g: 2                                                                            g: g1

                s: X1/3                                                                        s: net4

                d: X1/4                                                                        d: net5

                b: X1/5                                                                        b: net6



Can you tell me what I did wrong? Thank you very much!