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    Why do some bundles use the user defined C.S.A. multiplication factor?


      When using Actions > Processing > Calculate Node/Bundle Sizes (Ctrl + Alt + B) the following message is displayed.


      Will use user defined CSA message.JPG


      Why are a select few of my bundles using the user defined multiplication factor?

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          Hi Brian,

          The system uses the 'user defined multiplication factor' method of diameter calculation when the result from the 'Navy Table look up' method for bundle dimeter calculation returns a value that is less than the diameter based on the total CSA of the wires with no air gap. i.e. gives a value that is technically impossible.

          The Navy Table look-up method utilses the average wire diameter in a bundle and it has been proven to be very reliable when there are many wires with diameters that are all the same/are very similar, however this can start to become erroneous when  the average is reduced by the presence of significantly different sized wires in a bundle.

          So we detect when the Navy Table cannot provide a valid result and then switch to using the user specified multplication factor as the next best methid instead.

          So I would expect that if you analyzed the content of the bundles you mention that they would have disparate sizes of wires and may also have only a few wires in the bundle.

          Hope this helps,