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Cannot regenerate apertures

Question asked by rceragioli on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by rceragioli

I am finishing up a board in PADS Layout 9.5.

When I tried to regenerate the apertures for the first layer photoplot, I got two error messages-


"PADS Layout
Plot limits to large-please adjust offsets.(sic)"


after hitting the "OK" button,


"PADS Layout
GETHDR2 Error."


So, I did the "ASCII" dance, as I see it is referred to.

Upon importing the .asc file, I got this error message-


"Database Integrity Test Report on file X241-516 -- Thu Dec 12 10:20:39 2013

ERROR: Drawing on layer Layer_20 near (2625, -20075) (Name: DRW85823600, Id: 1) has box outside design space

   (50983.4, -25080) (-45733.4, -15070)"


There appears to be nothing at this location in my layout drawing.

I even made sure that everything in Layer 20 was a bright magenta color, but I can't find a thing outside of my title block.