What kind of Flex Designs are you creating?  Survey says...

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Many of our customers are actively involved in designing Flex and or Rigid-Flex PCBs.  And some of you are contemplating a move into the Flex design space. 



As we develop more Flex and Rigid-Flex functionality it would be very helpful for us to better understand what our current customers are doing so we can better meet your needs in the future.



For those of you that are already designing Flex PCBs, would you please take minute to respond to this short survey?  And if you are not yet designing Flex boards but are currently looking at the prospect of doing so, please let us know what you anticipate your future needs are going to be.



Any and all information will be very much appreciated!



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So here's the survey:



1) How many layers does your typical flex design have?



2) How many layers does your typical rigid flex design have?






3) Does the flex region ever have solder mask on it or does it only have coverlay layers?






4) Do your rigid flex designs ever have completely independent layer stickups in the rigid and flex areas? In other words, the flex part of the stackup does not go across the entire design as shown in the figure above.






5) Do your rigid flex designs have any signals passing through the flex area that need to be simulated for Signal Integrity or EMI considerations?






6) What output files do you usually send to your PCB fabrication vendor? Do you have to do any special preparation work to the data before sending it to them?



7) How do you manage the library and utilize parts used in the Rigid and Flex areas?   


    • Do you want to manage one library for components placed in the Rigid and Flex areas, then change the pad and solder/coverlay mask accordingly?

    • Or do you want to manage two libraries: one for Rigid and one Flex area, even when the component is same?


8) What Design Rule Check functions are required for on-line and/or batch mode?