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    Component database and symbol library updation.


      Hi all,


        Is there any way to know the updation date and time of component and symbol library?





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          Hello Naveen,


          For components, the last modified date and time is displayed in the "Extra" tab.

          Components Last Modified time stamp.JPG



          For symbols, the information is not accessible but does appear in the XML export.

          In the XML every "<symbol" object will have a "timestamp" which can be interpreted as a date and time.



          Example of how to interpret a time stamp



          Example of using an Excel Macro to read a XML




          Hope this helps.



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            Hello Brian,


            Thanks for your prompt reply.


            I want to dicuss with you two things first, I'm in need to know when the entire component library is updated lastly rather than the individual components, I wounder the date and time showing in the "extra" tab is the

            ultimate way to know the updation history? or we can know this by anyother way?


            Second, The Link you mentioned for symbol interpretation is not accessable to me!!





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              There is no date flag for the entire component library, instead each library part has its own timestamp (with Capital there is more functionality to track changes and history for individual parts - having a timestamp for each part allows us to propagate changed parts between different servers using Capital Enterprise Assets).

              As for the link to the second thread (how to interpret a date code in the XML) you need to link your Communities account with SupportNet to have full access (do you have a SupportNet account, does it use the same email as your Community account? If you do and the email address is the same then I would suggest that you create a Service Request / SR to get assistance).  But I did give Brian a pointer to the numeric date code used by Capital and VeSys 2.0 in the XML files (Java Date Format) - perhaps that might give you enough help while you seek access to the full Community.

              Kind Regards,


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