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    S-Parameter models


      Hallo Mentors,


      Problem1: How to get a DC solution point for S-Parameter model extracted for a power plane?.

      Problem2: why does S21 of above mentioned power plane has high low frequency loss? please find the attachment




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          What is your regulator model setting?

          Btw, you have to extrapolate down to DC.




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            Hi Ravi,


            Here are some suggestions:


            •   Using the Touchstone Viewer you can convert S-parameters into fitted-poles models (.pls) that extend the frequency range down to 1kHz (Convert -> To Fitted Poles). This will be helpful if you youse ADMS for your subsequent simulations. In addition you can add EXTRAP TO DC=1 into the Eldo/SPICE Model Parameters window to enable ELDO to extrapolate to DC.

            • If you use HSpice adding the parameter INTERPOLATION = HYBRID will help properly extrapolate at low-frequencies.


            Hope this helps,