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    Normalization/Reference Impedance




      Could you suggest me how to select reference impedance (Convert->Renormalize) for an S-Parameter model of a power plane extracted by converting Z-Parameters plot from decoupling analysis?, I am asking this question because when I select reference normalization impedance to be 0.1 Ohm it gives S21 with for e.g.: -40dB and if I select normalization impedance to be 0.01 Ohm it gives S21 for e.g.: -25dB. Why is this difference and how to select suitable normalization impedance for a power plane. I know that normalization impedance for a SE tranmission line is 50Ohms.




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          Hi Ravi,


          Either one will work fine as the simulator will know from the Touchstone file what was the value of the reference impedance. Accordingly to the Touchstone spec 11, pages 4 and 5, the data file must contain an option line formatted as follows:

          # <frequency unit> <parameter> <format> R <n>

          R n specifies the reference resistance in ohms, where n is a positive number of ohms (the real impedance to which the parameters are normalized). The default reference resistance is 50 ohms.


          Here is an example from a PDN Z-parameter extracted using HyperLynx:


          ! HyperLynx V8.1-64 SI-SPICE V2010.06.16

          # HZ Z  RI R 1.000000e-001




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            Hello Cristian,


            What I am trying to do here is to cross check the DC drop from S-Parameter simulation data and find out reference impedance. I did DC drop simulation between VRM and Load and simulation suggests DC resistance of the path to be around 10mOhms. Please find the file attached. The S21 magnitude from a series R resistance with Zo reference impedance is 1/(1+R/(2*Zo)). Assuming that the actual correct DC resistance value is 10mOhms, the S21 magnitude is around -0.5dB and with Zo = 0.1Ohm and -3dB with Zo=0.01Ohm. So, is this the way to select reference impedence of a S-Parameter model of a power plane if we want to do transient analysis to find out power supply noise?


            Thanks and Regards,