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    Bundle Breaks


      VeSys Design has Wire Breaks and as some customers split sections of the harness onto different pages it would be useful to be able to have Bundle/Page Breaks in VeSys Harness.

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          Agreed.  I have a cable that I will be working on soon that will probably require splitting between two pages due to it's size.  I'm not exactly sure how I am going to handle that yet.

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            There is a kind of workaround to this where you place a node with a graphical symbol for a page break on, then on your 2nd sheet you place another node (again with a symbol for a page break) and link the 2 nodes with a zero length bundle.  In all my drawings I have a layer called Hidden which I would put the zero length bundle on, and then I Hide the 'Hidden' layer!  This gives the appearance of a page break when in fact it is technically still one harness.