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Exporting Attributes to Pads Layout

Question asked by michael.staley on Jan 15, 2014
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I'm using DxDesigner 2007 and PADs Layout 2007 to maintain an older design.


My goal is to get the height attributes from my schematic components (DxDesigner) -> PADs Layout (pcb file) -> export them in an ASCII file -> Import into Circuit Works for a 3D model.



All of my schematic symbols have a HEIGHT attribute.  But when I transfer them to PADs Layout using DxDesigner Link the HEIGHT attribute is getting lost (as far as I can tell).


Question 1:


When I'm in PADS Layout, I click on a component and right click -> Properties -> Attributes -> choose <all> filter and I do not see the HEIGHT (or Geometry.height) attribute.  Am I correct in assuming that the HEIGHT attribute did not get transfered?


Question 2:


Is there a way to force DxDesigner to export a attribute to PADs Layout?  I've added "CON HEIGHT" to the AttributesPassList in my cfg file and it did not seem to do anything.


Question 3:


Does anyone know the syntax for the ascii file (.asc) and specificly the height attribute in the ascii file?


Question 4:


Is this problem a result of not having a library of parts (with heights) and instead just having schematic symbols and decals?