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    Freezing whilst panning



      When panning across a design drawing, many times the computer frezzes / locks up, does anyone know why and if so how to prevent this.



      This morning it has happened 4 times, causing loss of work and severe aggravation.



      The only way out is to restart the computer.



      I am using Autocad lt 2000 on an XP Pro os.



      We have  a second machine using exactly the same systems and it does nopt occur on this amachine.









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          I have seen problems with panning when True Type Fonts are used but this is more of an inconvenience than a problem because the symptoms are jerky panning, your problem does sound a little different because it didn't cause the system to completely freeze.  In order to help pinpoint the problem its worth trying to answer the following:


          1. Is this a new installation?  Has it worked ok before?

          2. Have you updated to a new version of VeSys?

          3. Is the problem on all drawings or just a select few?  This will determine if it is drawing related.


          Have you tried re-installing VeSys?  You didn't mention the version of VeSys you are running, depending on the version you have you might want to check your Installatopn Guide because I just checked my 2007.2 version and AutoCAD LT2000 isn't supported.