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    Support for thread local storage


      GCC for some time, for some tool chains, has supported thread local storage. The C++11 standard has formalised the concept of thread local storage with the thread_local specifier.


      Nucleus implements its own threading model, which I assume must need to be aware of thread local storage in order to support the thread_local specifier.


      Does Nucleus currently support thread local storage? If not, is there a plan to support thread local storage in a future release?





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          Hi Brendan,

               The standard C++ support in Nucleus ReadyStart does not have TLS capabilities.   However, the porting layer of our QT implementation, released with Nucleus ReadyStart 2013.08.1, has added this functionality for the QT module only.   I mention this last bit in case you came across this module in the QT porting layer source code and wondered what its purpose is.