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MCAD integration with Siemens Teamcentre PLM tool

Question asked by delete_john.ashley on Oct 22, 2008
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I attended the UK PCB expo last week and was pleased to hear about the integration between the ECAD and MCAD worlds. I am using DxDesigner and PADS layout and for some time we have wanted to run this from within our existing mechanical PLM tool. We are mechanically biased and use Siemens NX5 as the 3D CAD tool and Teamcentre as the PLM tool. Apparently the new version of Teamcentre (2008) is due to be released soon that apparently supports the PADS workflow and that the tool will treat a PADS design in a similar fashion to that of a 3D CAD design.



I was wondering if anyone is aware of this development from Siemens and if there is anything that I need to do to ensure that my current Dx/PADS workflow will run within Teamcentre. I did ask the question at the expo (several times) but failed to find any answers.



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