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    Anybody got Component Height Keepout to work?



      I am struggling to understand the idea behind the Component Decal Height Keepout functionality.


      In the attached design I have added a component height keepout area with a restriction of 250mils.

      I would expect to be able to place R1 with its height of 100mils in the area beneath U1. But I cannot (with DRP ON).

      It is the same in both Layout and Router.

      I can understand I am prevented to place R2 because its height is 300mils.


      Verify Design Check tells me that I have a Body to body clearance error.

      But I thought the component decal height keepout should eliminate this?


      In the manually added area at the bottom it works as expected.

      I can place R3 without any problems, but I am prevented to place R4.


      See attached files.

      Any ideas?




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          I've used it successfully in the past.  I typically use DRW instead of DRP so I can still place the part and then investigate what the issue is.


          You should be seeing an error like this:


          Error   1 Location 3490,3450 Level 6

          Component Height Keepout violation error:

          R130.1, KEEPOUT(-538,7046) overlapping


          If you are getting body to body errors then something else is going on.


          Is your zip a 9.5 design?  I can't open it with 9.3.  If you want to ASCII it out in a older version I might get to take another look at it this weekend.


          One annoying thing about the way height restrictions work is that once I place the keepout I prefer to maie it invisible so it isn't cluttering my design.  If it is invisible then design rules won't check it.  it must be visible for design rules to check for height violations.

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            Thanks for the offer - but actually you cannot verify it in PADS 9.3.

            That version do not allow adding a Component height keepout area to the PCB-Decals.

            This functionality was added in PADS 9.5 (Called 'Placement Keepouts in Decals - Mentor Ideas D258 and D383).


            See attached picture.