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Anybody got Component Height Keepout to work?

Question asked by kbak on Jan 24, 2014
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I am struggling to understand the idea behind the Component Decal Height Keepout functionality.


In the attached design I have added a component height keepout area with a restriction of 250mils.

I would expect to be able to place R1 with its height of 100mils in the area beneath U1. But I cannot (with DRP ON).

It is the same in both Layout and Router.

I can understand I am prevented to place R2 because its height is 300mils.


Verify Design Check tells me that I have a Body to body clearance error.

But I thought the component decal height keepout should eliminate this?


In the manually added area at the bottom it works as expected.

I can place R3 without any problems, but I am prevented to place R4.


See attached files.

Any ideas?