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    Checking diffusion area ratio


      Dear All,


      Is there any DRC/PERC method to check the attached case?



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          You can do this in either DRC or PERC LDL DRC using DFM PROPERTY. The AREA and COUNT functions will be especially useful.


          If the white bands around the pink layer is another layer, the width of the band can be checked with INTERNAL. If the values is assumed to be any constant rather than a fixed number, that too will have to be handled using DFM PROPERTY.


          The Calibre Solutions for Physical Verification manual has numerous DFM PROPERTY examples in the first chapter. None of the examples do what you are asking for here, but they will give you ideas about various aspects of the operation. The "Checking Maximum Via Coverage for Metal Overlap Regions" example has some ideas in common with what you want to do, it appears.


          The "DFM Properties" section of the Calibre YieldAnalyzer and YieldEnhancer User's and Reference Manual has many key ideas.


          Crafting these sorts of rules takes patience and practice.