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Another "Hetero Type 4" question

Question asked by Daniel_T on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by jduquette

Ok, so I have followed the example of creating pinswap and hetero type 4 properties for a resistor network component as listed here on supportNet and some other Q/A:s on supportNet, also this video explaining the setup exactly as i wish to set it up here. This is all for getting gate swap to work between DxDesigner and PADS (flow 9.4) and it seems to be working when looking at the .p file. However, when i don't place all symbols listed in the HETERO property in the schematic i keep getting Error 6091 Symbol <the one I haven't placed> missing for HETERO device <the one placed>. Have i missed some setting somewhere or is it really so that all ´possible symbol representations must exist in the schematic, regardless if I need to use it or not?