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Diff pairs assignement in DxD and CES

Question asked by milostnik on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by milostnik

Hello folks,


I have trouble in the handling of diff pairs in DxD and CES.


If I design a schematic and want to assign a diff pair property to two nets, I can select the net in schematic, open the property window and choose a diff pair net for the selected net.

See picture "Defined_in_DxD_property_window".


Since this is a tedious work, I prefer to use CES. To be sure that CES is properly set up, I package once and in PCB I do a forward backward annotation.

Now I am ready to use CES in DxD.

Wen I open the CES in DxD the net that was already defined in DxD-property window shows up with the correct pair in the CES windows. Using Auto Assign Differential Pairs, I can quickly fill the need CES constraints. See picture defined_in_CES_for_all


To be sure that all is in the right way I open PCB, do a forward and a backward annotation and go back to DxD. Reopoening the sheet and selecting a net that was not previeously defined in DxD but only in CES, I see that the CES table tells me that the net has a diff pair, but the DxD property windows tell me there is no diff pair assignment. See picture defined_in_CES_not_visible_in_DxD.


I would have expected to have the same information in DxD as in CES.


Am I doing something wrong here?


Thanks for any help.