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    Scaling Drawings


      I have created a 1:1 scale symbol library. The Symbol Library settings are set to use physcial scale. I now want to create a drawing using 1/2 scale or 1/4 scale symbols. When I tried changing the diagram settings in harness it had no effect of the symbol size. I think this is because all symbols are set to use a physical scale in the libary settings.


      I have duplicated the library twice creating a 1/2 scale and 1/4 scale library of all the same symbols. I have added the three different scaled symbols to its component in the component libary (so now one component has three of the same symbol with different size).

      When I sync the harness, or when I am creating the harness, how can I tell the program which of the three symbols to select. Or is there another way thats I can re-scale drawings?

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          See or search on the How To: Master Symbol Sizes - Pin Grid & Physical Scale document for excellent information on symbol scaling (link below).



          Your Style setting(s) will determine which library has priority in a sycn operation.  In the example below the Amphenol Front (face) view library has priority over the Amphenol Rear(wire insertion) view library.  If the rear view is preferred, the order must be reversed using the arrow controls to the right of the listing.  Of course both symbols must be associated with a given component.




          I hope this information helps,

          -James W