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Copper Pour Not Deletable on Power Layer

Question asked by Adam.Bierman on Feb 11, 2014
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I am fairly new to PADS and am having a problem with a copper pour on the internal power layer of a four layer board I am designing.  I originally put it there just to practice with the software and I don't want it anymore.  The outline is visible only in Router, in Layout it does not appear except when I create a PDF of the design, and then it appears only in the composite page, it does not appear in the power page.  I can click the outline in router and it displays that it is connected to my +5V net and the unroutes for this net attach themselves to it when they are near by.  I am concerned that the program seems to know the shape is there but that I can't do anything with it, I keep getting Invalid command errors when I try to move, delete, or alter the shape.  It remains when I exit and restart the program as well.  I attached a screenshot of the shape in questionm it is the semi-circle outline being pointed to.  Any help as to how I can remove this would be very much appreciated.



Copper Pour.pngFrom PADS Router

Power Layer.pngPower Layer from created PDF

COmposite.pngComposite page from created PDF