How do you add custom Package types and Lead forms for use in the Component Classification dialog?

Discussion created by rholt on Feb 19, 2014
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The default lists provided for Component Classification by Package type and Lead form type is limiting and does not cover all possibilities. I would like to add some additional options so I can provide a more thorough check to make sure my footprints meets the IPC-7351 spec. For example, the component spacing and toe/heel/side fillets for an 0402 discrete are much different than a 1206 discrete. I would like to create a component type CHIP-SMALL with a lead form C-BEND-WRAP-SMALL. I understand I will have to create additional ERF rules to support these but I cannot find any info on how to add your own; only component type documentation shows up, not package type or lead form type. If I manually add the new type uinder the CLASS-1 cell of the ERF manager it does not recognize it and will not show it as an available option for other rule sets.