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DFF Error and Rendering Error on PCB Decal

Question asked by Adam.Bierman on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by jduquette

Hi All,


I have an IC in my design that is throwing me a single DFF error among its 32 pin;


"DFF Error: Layer Compare Error on Silkscreen Top"


When I measure the space between pin and silkscreen I get 10 mil, which is over my 8mil requirement.  However the silkscreen only shows up as a thin line, when I look at it in the decal editor though it goes to 8 mil, which pushes it under the threshold.  Does anyone know why it renders and measures differently in Layout view as opposed to decal view and how I can fix this?  I have a similar problem with a diode decal.  I've attached a cpuple images below:





Thanks for any help!