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    L and C values of via




      1)     I want to know L and C values of a via in prelayout simulation ( in Linesime). I am using 9.0 version. Guide me to extract the values.


      2)   I know that this option is available in boardsim under "set up ---via simulation method". Here I am able to get the L and C vlaues for 250 MHz frequency. Is there any way/option to get the values for 100 MHz and 400 MHz.


      Thanks !

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          put a  via on the cavas, then RMB the via -> properties,click the view button on jumped Via Porterties GUI,again click export the spice buttom on jumped Via visualizer GUI for a ladded LC circuit.  If you prefer see one lumped L and one C value, you may export the via in line to boardsim file(.hyp) by click menu Export->boardsim board and open .hyp file to get  L and C value.  However,those values are frequency-independent.