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    Pin swap between components?


      Is there a way to pin-swap between components in layout or router?

      I have terminal strips that need to have pins reassigned. It would be peachy if that could be done in layout.




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          I don't believe so.  You can only swap from gate to gate or pin to pin.


          Swapping from component to component needs to be done manually.  You can still do it in Layout using ECO mode.

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            THank you -

            I tried to edit the nets in layout but it doesn't seem to allow that. when I import the ECO file into the schematic it complains about the net names and doesn't do anything.

            I normally use ECO mode in layout to re-annotate a board and that works fine. But it looks like it won't let me change net connectivity.


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              I swap pins occasionally. Unroute the last few segment creating an unrouted connection. Temporarily add a header and connect the freed pins to the header. Move the header so it is between the routed segments and the pins that need to be swapped. Next delete the connections to the pins. On the fly add the new connections.


              Move the header so the unroutes go to the new pins. Complete the routing and delete the header.


              Revise the schematic and run and eco check to verify you made the right connections!


              (This also works for BGA pin swaps so you don't need to reroute the entire net after ECO deletes it and adds the new connection).


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                Are you trying to ECO back to Logic of DxD?  Logic has two ways, 'ECO from PCB' in the ECO tool and <File><Import><ECO...>.  They don't always behave the same way so one might work better than the other for this.

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                  By assigning all the pins as individual gates with the same swap assingment in parts file. The gates become swapable in the same or different parts