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    Multicore cable thickness is 0 in NWF!!





      Multicore/Twisted pair wire thickness is 0 when export NWF, and cables are not visible in "Thick cable" mode in Pro/E. It will work when edit thickness manually.





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          Please let us know the Release and SP of your VeSys 2.0 installation.


          The main reason is that the multicore parent part number in VeSys Components has not been defined with an Outer Diameter.  And so it does not get applied to the instance, and so there is nothing to export to the nwf.


          I'd recommend that you make sure you have an Outer Diameter even at the parent MC level, and the innercores in VeSys Component. Then, Refresh your VeSys Design, and do a Batch Update Library Parts so that the updated diameter gets applied to the MC instances. And Finally, Export the nwf again.


          There is some more info, but it is better for me to know the Release and SP you are on.

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            If you are using in-house twisted pair multicores, you will typically not have a part numbers, and so you cannot "assign" such a "part" to the MC instance.  Therefore, you will need to select the multicore, do Properties and for the Outer Diameter enter a value.  Of course, for other multicores that do have a part number, you should be defining the OD right at the parent MC stage.  Then when the part number is assigned to the instance, the OD will be present, and will be exported.


            A user might not add the OD manually, or might have not yet defined a multicore OD in VeSys Components, or simply forgot to create it, and the external MCAD application will fail to route the object if there is no OD. NX and Pro/E, Creo do not handle wires and multicore without ODs.  So to provide a level of usability, edit the vesys_bridge.properties file, typically at C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\adaptors\resources, look for the text "#Default_outside_diameter=0.01", uncomment it by removing the # sign, and give it a value say 0.001 instead of 0.01. This will assign a default, catch-all OD of 1mm for any wires or mcs which have a 0 or null OD.


            While not representative of a real wire or mc, the object will nonetheless route in the MCAD applications.

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              Can the software default to using a calculated value when the MCs have a 0 or null OD?  Similar to what is done in VeSys Harness Design today when running the Calculate Node/Bundle Sizes action.


              Clearly an OD of 0.01 is wrong and manually setting the OD is worse since it leads to human error and needs to be updated any time the MC changes.

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                You will need to define/set the Outer Diameter in Capital Library or VeSys Components. Be sure you set the OD of the highest parent to the value you want. Pro/E or Creo will route the MC to that OD even if the innercore or inner MC ODs are not accurate.  Any time you assign an MC Part to the instance, that OD will be exported out in the nwf's SPOOL definition.