Drawing Editor Font Arial - Extended Print is another Font, why?

Discussion created by juergen.hinterleitner on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2016 by juergen.hinterleitner

I switched some different options at the Extended Setup Dialog, I tried different things, but without required result.


I just want at the PDF-print, that my Text (Font: Arial) which is placed on my sheet in my 'drawing.mdf', also in the PDF is like Arial!


In picture one (~b1~) you can see some of my Text on the sheet (Properties >> Arial), and in picture two (~b2~) you can see, that in PDF this is no longer Arial. But I expect the same Font, as I'd print a Microsoft Word Document with Arial Font- you know? In last picture (b3~) is a sample Arial Font-Pdf partial view, from within a Word Documents -Pdf -result. That's what I expect.


how to realize that?