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    Calibre RVE with TCL






      Anyone know how to control RVE from shell (or Tcl script). Batch Commands user manual gives you the command to run RVE in gui mode i.e. ($cwb runRveOnRveOutput). From there on, all the manuals discuss on how to use RVE from GUI. I am looking for further commands (e.g. To Highlight) to use RVE from shell or TCL script.












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          Hello Akhtar,



          First RVE is part of "interactive". "Interactive" is the GUI of Calibre and is relatively independant from the cmd/shell/batch mode. It is not the same philosophy.the only option for calibre -rve are here.



          However If you want to work on the svdb(your database) with TCL script you can use the Yieldserver and the ption "-dfm" "-ys". (be careful you need maybe specific licenses). You can found more information in the documentation of Calibre(calbr_dfm_gd.pdf ) or on Supportnet.



          Unfortunately highlighting is currently a limitation of the DFM batch reporting.(see calbr_dfm_gd.pdf, Appendix D Calibre DFM Batch Reporting p.551)