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    Panel (FablinkXE), NFLogicDBError.txt > unable to access LogicDB!


      Hello again,

      I created in my Design a panel. The 'panel' directory-structure I've placed direct in my Design, - like this:


      Design: Y:\~(my path)~\Designname

      Panel: Y:\~(my path)~\Designname\PCB\Panel\Board1\


      at the root of the panel structure are 3 files. First: Board1.pnl (ok), Second: Board1.prj (ok).


      But the third file is: 'NFLogicDBError.txt' and contains the following text:

      'ERROR:  Unable to access the LogicDB at Y:\~(my path)~\Designname\PCB\Panel\Board1\Designs\Board1\FLXE_VariantData\LogicDB.lgc.'


      And thats right. At this place is no file with this name!

      If I search in the complete Design directory structure, there will be found some files with this name. But not at this place.


      My question... Why?

      And what tells to me, this error message?



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          Hello Jürgen,


          Do I understand correctly that you have just opened Fablink and are trying to place the board, and it shows you an error?.

          Then you got down and digged into the directory structure and got lost?


          Usually the problem of Fablink not being able to put the board is caused by PCB not having made the data available. Even if is seems strange, but you must make at least one dummy variant in DxD or PCB. Then before entering Fablink you need to be sure that the variant data is generated.


          I personally prefer to use the black icon in PCB-Variant window to generate the data "by Users request", or you could use the "on save" method, where you will be prompted to generate variant data every time you save the PCB data. See settings on the variant manager window in PCB, as indicated in the picture. The default is "No generate"


          Either way when you generate this data, Fablink will now have enought data to put it on the panel.

          The same is also true for Drawing editor. Data will be picked from the variant data out of the PCB and Panel containers, if they are up-to-date.


          Hope this was the root cause of the error, and it helps.


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            No. It's not when I try to place a board. And also there is no error or warning anywhere. Let me explain:


            First: I don't know at which time the file NFLogicDBError.txt was generated.

            But I've done now some new tests, and I could the failure a bit more isolate...


            • Remember: The panel is finished - and Fablink is closed.
            • Now I delete an possible existing file in the panels root directory with the name: 'NFLogicDBError.txt'.
            • Now I run Fablink (Board1.npl) - and I create a Neutralfile.
              • all without any pushy error or warning



            The Neutralfile is created now. But also exists from now on, the file 'NFLogicDBError.txt'.


            All that has nothing to do with any Variant or else. There is no error Message and nothing like that.


            Just... a generated file: 'NFLogicDBError.txt',  and that's the truth for my post!


            In the attached picture you see that the ntr-file successfully was created, but also at the same time the curious file exists!

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              Hi Jürgen,


              This looks to be a design specific issue.

              Can you please open a service request and attach the entire project and I will investigate.