Panel (FablinkXE), NFLogicDBError.txt > unable to access LogicDB!

Discussion created by juergen.hinterleitner on Mar 12, 2014
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Hello again,

I created in my Design a panel. The 'panel' directory-structure I've placed direct in my Design, - like this:


Design: Y:\~(my path)~\Designname

Panel: Y:\~(my path)~\Designname\PCB\Panel\Board1\


at the root of the panel structure are 3 files. First: Board1.pnl (ok), Second: Board1.prj (ok).


But the third file is: 'NFLogicDBError.txt' and contains the following text:

'ERROR:  Unable to access the LogicDB at Y:\~(my path)~\Designname\PCB\Panel\Board1\Designs\Board1\FLXE_VariantData\LogicDB.lgc.'


And thats right. At this place is no file with this name!

If I search in the complete Design directory structure, there will be found some files with this name. But not at this place.


My question... Why?

And what tells to me, this error message?