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    IBIS Model Issue


      I am trying to use zynq7.ibs in a hyperlynx sim for XC7Z020-2CLG484I and get :


      Warning: U1 pin D20 not loaded from C:\01A_AVR2B EOL PROCESSOR\HYPERLYNX\L31-35001-008A.ref
        Pin D20 of component ZYNQ7 has no model in file C:\MentorGraphics\9.0HL\SDD_HOME\hyperlynx64\extended_ibis\fpga\zynq7.ibs
        Or pin D20 types differ (e.g. POWER pin found where I/O pin required).


      This is happening for all the pins on this part. All other devices are simulating normally.


      I re-downloaded the model in case mine was corrupted, no change. I think it is something with the package.


      Anyone know how to make this work?

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          The IBIS model you have is not ready to be used as it does not contain the FPGA custom pin out information. If you look at the [Pin] section of the model you will see a list of generic pins:



          [Pin]  signal_name          model_name

          1P   BLVDS_25_HR_P           BLVDS_25_HR

          1N   BLVDS_25_HR_N           BLVDS_25_HR

          2P   DIFF_HSTL_I_F_HR_P        HSTL_I_F_HR

          2N   DIFF_HSTL_I_F_HR_N        HSTL_I_F_HR


          A proper model should map the FPGA pins to signals and technology models:




          [Pin]  signal_name          model_name

          H14      FPGA_NRESET          LVTTL_S_12_TB_25

          T14      VIDEO_DAC_NSYNC      LVTTL_S_12_TB_25

          V19      VIDEO_DAC_NPSAVE     LVTTL_S_12_TB_25

          T5       SPI_NCS              LVTTL_S_12_TB_25

          L1       mcb3_dram_dqs_n(0)   SSTL15_OT50_LR_25


          Please notice the difference between the two models (first and second column).


          You can either manually create a customized IBIS model for your FPGA (not recommended) or you can use the IBISWriter utility to do it automatically. Please refer to the link below for more details:



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            I thought something was not right with the model, Thanks for the help.