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    Part/Symbol Associations in Capital library


      Is it possible to associate multiple parts to a single symbol and vice versa...or does the association become a one to one relationship?

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          Yes, of course.  In VeSys 2.0 Components (or Capital Library) you can for devices or connectors have multiple parts associated to a single symbol.  Can I ask, have you completed the Live Drive (or Test Drive) on using Capital Library?




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            Yes…sort of.  I’m learning as I go along….about a month after I started this position, the training dollars dried up, so I’ve been doing it on my own and with the help of coworkers.  Even so,  I’m the only one who actually works with the Library portion of Capital….so if you have any hints for learning more, they would be greatly appreciated.  It seems that the training for Library is rather brief.


            We are starting to make associations between symbols and parts and want to make sure that we don’t to created 3 identical symbols in order to associate them with 3 different parts in the library.  It’s one of those times when you’re fairly sure you can, but can’t find anything that specifically says you can.


            Laura Radzanowski

            Capital Librarian