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    Assign Disconnect to keystroke 'd'




      I would like to assign 'Disconnect' to keystroke 'd'.

      I'm using DXDesigner with expedition flow, and I already copied exped_wvo.vbs and vdbindings.vbs to my wdir,

      but I don't know the correct syntax. I tried 'EditDisconnect', and 'Disconnect', but DX won't buy it...




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          DxDesigner doesn't seem to recognize Disconnect or EditDisconnect as either Commands or Menus in the keybinding world. I can't find an alternative name for it either.



          Unfortunately there is not a "list" of available (and working) commands, menu picks and whatnots.

          • There  is a list of Command Line commands in the DxDesigner Reference Manual,  many of these will work as keystrokes, but not as mouse strokes.
          • Many of the menu picks also work, File > Close becomes FileClose, View > Other Windows > Selection Filter becomes ViewSelectionFilter. But Edit > Pop doesn't work as EditPop and neither does Edit > Disconnect.
          • The  "whatnots" are the kind of info that we can pick out of the different  key binding files. WVOPushSchematic is one of those whatnots.


          Sorry I can't help any more but it is a tool thing and not a mistake in your keybindings file.